Hi, I’m Dominy, the founder and lead coach at BRIGHTERYOU, and my purpose is to empower intelligent, driven, brilliant people in finding confidence clarity and purpose and a brand new zest for life.

There are many reasons why our lives become stuck; career, family and a whole host of other responsibilities somehow take priority. Before we know it, we have become so far down the pecking order that we begin to lose a sense of who we are and what WE want in life.

– Do you find yourself constantly wishing things were different?

– Do you want to change but something always seems to hold you back? 

– Are you no longer feeling joy and keep wondering what’s the point? 

– Is there an inner voice telling you that you aren’t good enough or that you don’t deserve happiness?

Feeling unfulfilled and desperate for change can bring up a whole range of emotions. Sadness at not living the life you should be, fear in the unknown, anger at yourself and others and guilt for daring to even think about change.

My role is to help you release these negative feelings and get you back in control of your future.

I am a fully ABNLP qualified Master  NLP practitioner and coach as well as a Master in Time Line Therapyand I also have a BA in English Language studies where I studied linguistics and communication.  I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in working with a huge range of issues, so you can feel completely confident you are in the best hands!

You really do hold the keys to your own happiness and now is the time to start putting YOU first and find your brighter you.


I always knew I wanted to help people live their best life and had been working within the not for profit sector for several years coaching and delivering wellbeing.  After climbing the career ladder I became wracked with anxiety because of fear of failure and the dreaded imposter syndrome.

On the surface I looked confident and happy but underneath there was a war of turmoil and anxiety. The pressure I put on myself to be perfect was disastrous and it led to severe anxiety and depression which then led to feelings of failure. The more I felt this, the more I tried to change it which led to a cycle of self loathing and ultimately hitting rock bottom.

I realised that something seriously needed to change as I couldn’t continue my life in this way. I knew I was excellent at coaching people and enabling them to truly believe in themselves but I actually wasn’t applying the same dedication and commitment to myself.  I signed up for NLP coaching which included Time Line therapy and was utterly amazed at how powerful it was.

Having carried limiting beliefs from childhood and past experiences, within a matter of weeks of coaching, I saw a dramatic change in myself and had an inner confidence that was totally unbelievable. It was after this huge transformation that I decided to train in NLP, Time Line Therapy and Kinetic Shift. After applying my new found skills to my Clients I found that the results were not only much quicker and effective but they were also permanent.

I honestly believe that everyone has the power and the skills to transform their future and all it takes is a little digging to unearth them! If you feel I would be the right person to help you do this then I would love to hear from you. I tailor all sessions bespokely and we would discuss your requirements in your FREE 30 MINUTE consultation. 

I look forward to hearing from you


Dominy x




To discuss further, or to book, please telephone 07801 984563 or click on the link below.