Talking therapy is literally what it says on the tin! Sometimes all we need is to run through problems we have in our head to find a sense of clarity; we just need to talk! For a number of reasons we may find ourselves unable to to speak to friends or family, so speaking with someone impartial, who can show understanding and empathy can be a huge help. 

Unlike coaching, my aim during this type of therapy is purely to act as a sounding board and offer support and possible ways to move forward. It is a safe and relaxing platform for you to let off steam and say what you need to without fear of judgement.  There are many reasons why people opt for this type of therapy with many choosing it to work through relationship problems or work related issues.


Sessions last for around 60 minutes, with a maximum of 3 sessions being permitted, as the issue has normally resolved during this time. However, many clients have gone on to book a coaching package after Talking Therapy as we can work much more intensely with coaching and make changes at the unconscious level should this be needed. 


It is important to say that this therapy is not counselling and should you feel the need to speak to someone medically trained then it is important to contact your local GP who will be able to point you in the direction of a qualified psychotherapist. 


To discuss further, or to book, please telephone 07801 984563 of click the link below.